Please send all submissions to


We do not buy the rights to any work displayed on this website. You can have your work removed at any time. What we do is provide a platform for your short stories to reach an audience and earn some money.

By posting your original fiction here, you earn cash everytime your story is read. Whether it gets 10 reads or ten thousand, you are making cash.


To re-iterate, we do buy the rights to anything. We just provide a platform. We will post just about anything. That being said we want to make sure each story meets our very broad guidelines.

The story should be in any of these loose categories; Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror or any combination of the three.

We suggest around 5,000 words in length, but you provide as many as you would like.

However, 2,500 words is the least amount we will post.

Adult themes are just fine, they just shouldn’t be the driving force of the narrative. No erotica or pornography.

Please send in a word document to  We prefer 12 pt Times New Roman, Double Spaced. Include in subject of the email the “title in quotes,” the Genre, the Sub-Genre (if one is specified), the Author’s actual name, and word count. In that order, please.

If you want to use a pseudonym, please specify in the body of the email or in the word document.

You can also include a brief synopsis or teaser, which will be posted for all to see to entice potential readers. You can also include a short author bio.

You can send as many stories to us as you want, and they will all be posted, and all potentially earning you money.


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